Welcome to the Likvido Product Guide!

This guide will cover Likvido A → Z. We will cover how to get started with Likvido, what the product can do for your business, and go in-depth about each detail.

<aside> 💡 NOTE FROM NOVEMBER 27 2023: We don’t link to this anymore, and you should instead go to https://intercom.help/likvido/da/ . If you find yourself on this page, you are still welcome to go through things as they’re relevant & in English :)


Your account in Likvido

Core concepts

Team - manage who has access to Likvido

Todos - for when we need your reaction


List of cloud accounting integrations


Profile settings & language

Notifications - manage what emails you get

Subscription and usage costs

Accounts receiveables

Accounts receivables introduction

Invoice & Customers

State vs Flow