Welcome to our API documentation!

On this page we're going to cover everything you need to implement with our API. We're going to cover everything from the technical details, how the flow works and business logic.

At Likvido, we have two types of "API users":

If you ever have any questions around our API, don’t hestiate to contact us at [email protected], who is responsible for the API.


TL;DR version:

We recommend reading the sub-pages at the bottom to get a full understanding! ✌

... However, if you're a bit like the author who likes TL;DR (too long, didn't read) versions of stuff, and then afterward realize they've no idea what they're doing, to then be fully motivated to actually read the document ... Then:


<aside> 💡 https://api.likvido.com/ ← Our API link with Swagger so it's easy to test


2: Authorization

All requests should get these 2 headers:

API headers

If you're a partner, please read a bit more before jumping onto random API calls... If you're a client, you can grap your API key here: